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Courage Under Fire!  Serving our Community with Pride and Commitment...


Dedicated to Fire Prevention and Community Safety Awareness...


PFPD Boundries Map  :    (A) Station 1 and (B) Station 2


Search our Community Updates Page for Important Fire Safety Information!


BE PREPARED with CODE RED!  View the page link and learn more of the Polygon Method Weather Alert Notifications!


CODE RED - Link here to SIGN UP for FREE.  CODE RED - View the page link to LEARN MORE.


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PFPD Information:                PalosFireProtectionDepartmentOrg PalosFireProtectionDistrictParamedicLogo


  PFPD Operational Information
  2 fully staffed Stations : 24 hrs/day  
  5 Paramedic/Firefighters on duty : Each station/day  
  Requests for service : Over 2,400/year  
  Number of residents PFPD serves : Approx. 24,000 in Palos Township  


  District Boundaries Include
  North Boundary :   The Cal-Sag Channel  
  South Boundary :   135th Street  
  East Boundary :    76th Avenue  
  West Boundary :   Will-Cook Road  


  Serving Residents Of The Following Communities
  Residents of the Village of Palos Park, East of Will Cook Road
  Residents of the City of Palos Heights West of 76th Avenue
  Residents of the Village of Orland Park North of 135th Street
  Residents of Unincorporated Palos Township South of the Cal-Sag Channel


  Fire Chief : Patrick A. Gericke  
  Assistant Chief : Robert S. Knez  
  Captain/Shift Commander : James Graben  
  Captain/Shift Commander : Arthur M. Adams  
  Administrative Assistant : Marianne DeHaan  




Serving Our Community with Pride!





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